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Acceptance Is The Key


Attending the 2018 mental health conference helped me a lot in my profession as a relationship counselor. Acceptance and commitment are broad terms that are applicable in our everyday lives, especially when dealing with other people. When we hear the word acceptance, what usually comes to our mind? Is it forgiveness? Or just mere tolerance with how other persons are behaving?

Through the forum, I have learned that acceptance is a “hard” word and is usually applicable when we are struggling or being faced with adversities. We do not readily apply it when we are in a positive environment or a joyful disposition. Of course, we will wholeheartedly accept every positive happening in our lives. But when troubles come, like for example, in a relationship, breakups or misunderstandings are hard to accept. We may feel in denial or just wanting to make things okay. But there will come a time that we need to accept the negativities or struggles that we are experiencing. 


In these times, I think that certain persons may need the help of a counselor to help them accept the things that they are experiencing – whether it be family, work, or relationship problems. Every person needs to learn how to accept things that we are experiencing may it be happy or sad moments. As cliché as it sounds, but it is true that “there’s a rainbow after the rain.” 

After accepting an unfortunate event, there should be a commitment to what are the steps to do and move on from that experience. If you are dismissed from work but because of certain circumstances we are ousted, we can learn to accept it and move on from that unfortunate experience by looking for other work that may be more appealing to you or which is closer to your heart. Whatever move you decide to do, make sure to commit yourself to it to avoid or lessen some negative things to happen. But always remember that we are bound to experience happiness and sadness while we are on earth, and we need to accept that fact.