Everything You Need To Know About Bronde

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Are you exhausted about getting called a blonde or a brunette along with the connotations that are usually associated with such hair colors? You can gracefully extract yourself from such a situation when you choose to make your locks bronde.

What Does Bronde Mean?

Bronde is the portmanteau for the words blonde and brunette. It means that a person who has dark hair can add several layers of blonde color to it, and vice versa. This way, you do not have to fully transform your crown of glory and look like a different individual.

When Is The Best Time To Be Bronde?

We are not the type to discriminate with the seasons since they all have their confounding factors. Despite that, summer probably is the best time to become a bronde for a brunette. The hot weather gives you the perfect opportunity to get a tan by staying at the beach, after all.

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Now, it is a well-known fact too that the seawater and the heat of the sun may bleach your hair if you remain outside long enough. Thus, the new colors in your hair will seem so natural and blend well to the season.

In a blonde’s case, you can rock the brown highlights in the course of the fall or wintertime. As the leaves’ hue changes and drops to the ground, the fashion world leans towards the earthy shades as well. If you keep your light-colored hair yet follow the trend, you will stick out like a sore thumb. Meanwhile, during the winter, the bronde is more of a necessity if you do not like to get lost in the whiteness of the snow. You want to stand out, my dear, and that can only be achieved once you incorporate browns to your locks.

What Are The Benefits Of Being Bronde?

When you alter your hair color, you show the adventure-loving side of you. A lot of people hate change, which is the only constant thing in the world. You cannot be stuck in your old self for the rest of your life. Well, you can, but then that will be boring.

You may also experiment with colors. There are so many shades in between brown and blonde that will surely enhance the beauty of your hair. We like platinum and honey together as they create a seamless combo. In case you already have super pale or extra dark locks, mixing the two with medium and light brown will be beautiful.

You will not be required to touch up the roots, which is a necessity for the others. The reason is that the coloring does not always have to begin at the uppermost portion of the hair. It can be two inches away from the scalp or halfway to the bottom. You can do this the ombre way; that’s why anyone will think that it is merely part of the plan to have the color near the ends.

Final Thoughts

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You can be bold without wearing short skirts or plunging necklines. You can be gorgeous even if you do not put makeup on. You can go in any place and earn second glances from the people around you without being loud or performing crazy stunts. You can attain all of these when you have bronde hair.