How Can Art Help In Psychological Reform Concerning A Broken Marriage?





There are various causes of mental illness that a person can get after a traumatic experience from a broken marriage and each one of them requires tons of variety of treatments. The healing procedure varies depending on the severity of the case of the psychological condition and the capability of the person to address his situation. Though some may take it to a maximum level of psychotherapy, there’s also the easiest way to help them recover, and that’s with the use of art.

What Is Art Therapy?

Art therapy focuses on the facilitation of enabling a person’s meaningful life through the use of several artistic ways. It uses a wide variety of sources and techniques that pay attention to both the procedure and result of a masterpiece from a person’s point of view, emotions, and thoughts. Art therapy uses art media that helps a person create a reflection of their emotional and psychological state. Some examples of artistic activities that people often use are writing, playing musical instruments, drawing, sculpturing, and the list goes on.

“It is a dynamic, integrative approach to treatment that capitalizes on the expressive component of art-making as a central factor in supporting health and well-being,” writes Cathy Malchiodi, PhD, LPCC, LPAT, ATR-BC, REAT.




How Can Art Therapy Help A Person?

The process of art therapy helps a person in most significant ways. It pays attention to the individual’s creativity that is somehow useful in dealing with stress and anxiety. It promotes a healthier brain function due to the development of psychological ability. It encourages the development of psychological strength by transferring thoughts and ideas into different forms, movements, and colors that are available for visual purposes. Also, an individual that undergoes art therapy attains improving products of his personality, ability, interests, and skills.

“Creativity of all types is a premier form of psychological adaptation, the effect of a healthy muse because it involves the ability to change and improve all features of the environment,” writes Albert Rothenberg, M.D.

Why Is Art Therapy Beneficial?

Art therapy is beneficial because it does not only support a healthier normal brain function but also enhances emotional strength as well. It gives a person a list of development regarding his emotional response that is useful in handling critical situations. In fact, art improves a person’s mental skills that can help in making better and lasting positive decisions that he can use in stressful events. A person who loves art tends to become more aware of his thoughts and increase his self-esteem. In line with that, the process helps in managing his behavior and enhances his ability to solve problems using critical judgment. Aside from that, art is said to reduce stress levels and aids a person to interact with reality.




How Important Is Art In Psychotherapy?

Art is essential in the process of psychotherapy because it helps in stimulating a person’s brain function. It serves as a representation of his emotion and perception from life experience. The images and colors represent a deep meaning that somehow shows happiness, sorrow, and pain over a constant psychological and emotional struggle.

“Expressive artistic activities have a useful role in psychiatric rehabilitation as leisure and occupational skills,” says William Spaulding, Ph.D. “Although specific interventions have not been evaluated in controlled clinical trials, it is clear that having such skills is an important factor in recovery.”

Dealing with a traumatic event in life – especially when it comes to marital problems – is crucial and the least that a person can do is look on its brighter side. Learning art is a great way to help them fight stress and depression that goes along with the reality of a broken relationship.

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