Knowing Michael Zomber – A Historian, Author, And Producer


When there is a discussion about weaponry and armors from the 16th up to the 19th century, Michael Zomber is one of the few individuals who could speak at length regarding the subject matter.

Michael Is A Recognized Historian

Due to his passion for collecting antique guns, swords, and protective coverings that were used in the past in Europe, Japan, United States, and Islamic countries, he focused on mastering the history of each item that came to his possession. Zomber appreciated the artistic quality of these arms and found their real value to humanity. He was especially interested in the centuries mentioned above as well for the reason that those were the times when nations developed diverse kinds of armaments that would suit their needs.

This led Michael Zomber to become a contributor in a TV series created for The History Channel. For the show called Tales of the Gun, he appeared as a guest historian in several episodes including (but not limited to) Guns of the Famous, Dueling Pistols, Millionaire Dollar Guns, Guns of the Orient, and Automatic Pistols.

Nevertheless, being a historian is not his sole job description.


He Is An Author And A Producer

Michael Zomber graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles with degrees in both Psychology and English Literature. He later went back to the same campus to obtain a master’s degree for the latter. The wealth of intelligence that he had gotten from years of extensive studying gave him the aptitude to write screenplays, as well as fictional and non-fictional books, which were mostly related to history.

In his first book published in 2009, Shogun Iemitsu, Michael had illustrated his vast knowledge about the Japanese samurais’ antiquity, along with his capability to incorporate romance to the story. The second one, which was entitled Jesus and The Samurai, brought the readers back to that period when China and India were initially introduced to Christianity and on the verge of overpowering Buddhism in Japan. Once again based on historical occurrences, this novel demonstrated the woes and happiness that the Japanese warriors had experienced as they publicly showed their devotion to the new religion.

Michael Zomber also tried his hand at co-producing Soul of the Samurai, a documentary which was designed to maintain and spread information about how the ancient samurais lived. During the movie production, he made sure that all the accouterments that would go to the background setting conformed to the era that they were recreating. Even the armors and swords used in the film were authentic. Zomber took this opportunity to work with the founder of the Aikido Center of Los Angeles, Sensei Kensho Furuya, who had a deep understanding of how a samurai moved.

Final Thoughts


Michael Zomber may not be as famous as Steven Spielberg or James Cameron, but he is an impressive individual in his own right. He is a published author, a respected historian, and even a movie producer. These are endeavors that not every average Joe will be able to claim. His artistry undoubtedly shows in everything he does, which makes him amazing.