How To Manage Coronavirus Hysteria

In this pandemic spread of COVID-19, there are two kinds of fear you can see in people. One is the fear of getting sick. People understand the virus’s capability in damaging a person’s overall health. That is why they are afraid they might end up getting the diseases. There is also the fear of infecting someone they love because they do not like the idea of hospital pain and death. Second, there is the fear of financial instability and loss. Honestly, with the situation right now, that ends up being a more significant threat to people. But unfortunately, that only takes a small percentage.


What people are dealing with right now that they cannot seem to notice is the emotional and mental problems. They assume that it is okay to feel bored, lonely, and isolated during this situation. They say they understand the purpose of social distancing, but the truth is, most cannot handle it anymore. Most of them want to be around people. So to manage this Coronavirus hysteria, here are some suggestions on what people can do.


Establish Things You Can Control

First, people should accept that there are a lot of things they can’t control during this pandemic. As much as they want to believe that they can find better ways to deal in life, some will not sacrifice anything and make some adjustments. So in line with this, people must focus on establishing control over the things they can and not dwell on those things they cannot. An example of that is choosing the best way to keep themselves safe and away from the virus. People can simply wash their hands and avoid touching their faces. Honestly, these are natural things that people should never hyper-focus on, but regularly doing it is beneficial for everybody at this moment.


Connect More With People

Humans are born interactive; that is why they are socially oriented. But since there is a social distancing protocol, they have to limit their connection with other people. Unfortunately, it causes sadness and loneliness. People should try to connect with others in creative ways to fight with the mental stress of physical distancing. With that, social media plays a big part. People can spend time with friends and family through chat, text messaging, and video calls. Honestly, with technology at the tip of everyone’s finger, they can easily manage social boredom.


Keep A More Structured Day

Some people are okay with the idea of working from home. However, there are those people who lack the emotional and mental strength to deal with work separation. Some of them feel there is no reason for living without their list of things to do. If this is the case, it is better that people should go with the motion of setting up a start and stop time for their entire daily tasks. If it is possible, people should consider making an effort to separate their work and personal space. They should understand that even though being busy serves as a great distraction from the pandemic anxiety, it is still essential that they spend time doing nothing from time to time.

There are a lot of uncertainties during this pandemic. So it is vital that people must take care of themselves no matter what. The struggle is not easy, and the adjustments people will make may not be suitable for others. However, keeping the mental and emotional state can be advantageous is a lot of ways. People should not over-focus on things that don’t entirely matter and pay attention to those things that require necessary actions.